Monday, January 13, 2020

Management and Work Culture Essay

Instrumental to conduct SWOT analysis, and 3. Plan and build strategy based on the work culture How to develop strategic and operational plans by knowing work culture It is integral part of any individual, and organization. It describes shared value of an organization. It helps anyone to understand how things are done. Here is my cultural preferences: well resourced, ethical, and teamwork centered. Knowing my ideal work culture, I can do better planning and formulate the strategies for an organization. My cultural preferences Necessary resources to do high standard work. Using advantages of available resources, one can do better job of delivering projects with high quality standards. Active promotion of equal rights and justice for all. It will create a culture to grow with the company attitude. Fairness among the employees and employer makes everyone trust each other and the employer. Emphasis on social and environmental responsibility. In this culture, work and life balance here. Social and environmental responsibility culture will help employees more committed to the employer. Because organization is not just focusing on profit itself but also understand human values and help communities around them. Interdependence. Culture of interdependence makes everyone connected, and emphasis the important of collaboration between them. It results toward high level of performance, innovation, and productivity. Friendly and supportive colleagues. Friendliness and supports among colleagues is highly important for employees to challenge themselves, confront each other, and share the knowledge between them. Essential Competencies to Conducting (SWOT) analysis Strategizing competency is one of the most essential to do SWOT analysis. Steps to conduct SWOT analysis: 1. Identify mission statement and goals, 2. Review of internal strength and weaknesses, and 3. To find external opportunities and threats that affect the business or an organization. How my competencies relate to the essential competencies for conducting a SWOT analysis Based on competencies and career interests profiler, my strength are 1.

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